Monday, February 5, 2018

Front End Web Development

Start creating website from scratch, first, create a folder called Web Project, then create subfolder, named CSS, JS, Images, then 
Image result for github cat picswrite your index.html file. In this index.html file, include some API links to bootstrap, jquery, ...... Then write your CSS folder style.css
file, JS folder main.js file. After this step, setup Git Repo, upload every folder to this Git Repo. Communicate with the other developer over the github via add or join the other Git Repo. Github Reposit

Content Management System

Using Local Server(Wamp Server), to create database.
Writing php to connect database with website. 
Registration  Application.


Facebook SDK v5 for PHP:


Web Projects


Sunday, December 10, 2017


CompanyDetail Work
Appen Butler Inc.

                                  Digital Conetent Creator.
                                  Website address search, content search.
                                  Read/record article to appen mobile record.
                                  Social media(facebook, twitter, instagram)
                                  content search/creator.
Learn more web/data technology
Dentsu Inc.

 Telecommunication industry IoT Mobile app marketing research

                 Retail store website creator
                 HHCOMPUTER and CELLULAR

HackGSU Fall2017 website creation
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon
Best 1st place prize Intel Edison IoT
mobile app solution, 1st place prize
Nuance speak recognition.

Chinese Yellow Pages-SouthEast Inc.
Copywriter, editor assist chinese        
yellow pages/sales.

Facebook comment plugin/wordpress
site creator

                facebook comment plugin wordpress site creator

Community Education Center FrontDesk
Gwinnett County School System InventoryAssociate
World Congress Center/ADF Security
Safty/Info Desk